About Me

Welcome to my website! My name is Lindsay Garcia, a Southern California photographer who also can consider herself a husky mama. Here's a little bit myself and my passion.

I have been photographing for about 8 years now and every day is a new challege but also an accomplishment. Taking care of my clients is my number one priority because I know what type of photos they are looking for.

I do documentary, landscape, portraiture, etc. Anything you could think of, I can make it happen. And although photography is everything to me, I do the occassional every day life like video games, reading, listening to music and so on.

My life is full of wonder and art. Working with families, kids, animals, I can do it all.

Take a look at my portfolio and get in touch so we can get started on creating something beautiful!

If you'd like to ask questions or hire me, feel free to send me an email